Writing Term 2

WALT  recount something.
SUCCESS CRITERIA  I have answered some of the ‘W’ questions. 

I liked going to Wigram to the Airforce museum. There were so many planes to see. I sat in some of the planes.  We did a treasure hunt to explore the museum. It was great fun. 

Student Voice " In my writing I know to answer the w questions.  I have told you where we went and who went". 

Maths Term 1

WALT count to 100 in 1s,2s,5s,10s.
SUCCESS CRITERIA I can go 1,2,3,4 .....100
5,10,15,20 .....100

Student Voice "I can count all the way to 100". 

Writing Term 1

WALT write a recount about something  that has already happened.

SUCCESS CRITERIA – we will have a capital at the start of each sentence and a fullstop at the end.

Yesterday I went swimming. We had a lesson then we had fun practising what we can do. I can go right under the water.

Student Voice - I have a capital at the start. 

Reading Term 1

WALT read like we talk.SUCCESS CRITERIA Our reading sounds like talking.

STUDENT VOICE I can read so it sounds like I am talking.