Term 4 Music

- keep a beat
- keep a beat using different instruments

Term 4 Dance

Big Idea: We can express ourselves creatively through dance

Deep Understandings:
The children will understand:
That dance has evolved through the decades.
That to learn a dance you need to follow a series of instructions.
Dance is a form of social interaction.
Dance is good for your health and well being.

Skill Focus:
1 - Learn the specific steps to a dance
2 - Keep in time to the music
3 - Follow instructions

Value Focus (Excellence)
1 - Trying our best
2 - Persevering

3 - Acknowledging the efforts of others

Term 4 Discovery & Key Competencies

November 8, 2013

Key Competency: Thinking

How are you using your thinking?

"Be sensible. Be nice."

Term 4 Writing

I think this is a great piece of writing because...

"it's colourful and I like it."

I am dressing up like a ninja.

Term 4 CARE Values

Presley, when you are sensible and try your best in class, that definitely shows the Excellence value. Ka Pai!

Term 3 PE

What's your favourite thing that we do in gymnastics?

What do you think is the trickiest? Why?
"Hedgehog rolls."

Term 3 Maths

Term 3 Reading

What does a good reader do?

"Say what the teacher says. Point the words."

Term 2 Maths

  • sort objects into categories for display
  • make a display of the data collected (pictograph)
  • make statements about data displays

Student Comment

Tell me about the graph.
How many people have black hair?
How many people have brown hair?
Which one has the most?

Term 2 Writing

I am learning to:
  • say my story out loud before I write and clap my full stop. Find and write some fast words with a little bit of help.
Success Criteria
  • I said my story out loud to the teacher before she wrote to make sure it made sense. 
  • My picture will be a detailed plan for my story.
  • I will write my full stop.

Teacher Comment
Presley, great work finding and writing the fast word 'is'. I like the way your picture shows exactly what your story is about, you always draw very detailed pictures!

Term 2 Art

  • create an art work using printmaking including leaf prints and sponging. 
Success Criteria
  • Identify which is the textured side of the leaf so we can use it successfully in our art
  • Include at least 4 leaf prints
  • Use autumn colours (Leaves should be white)
  • Use sponging technique (dab, dab, dab as opposed to wiping the paint on with the sponge)

  • Try not to sponge on top of leaves

Student Comment
What do you think is good about your painting?
"It's colourful."

What would you do differently next time?
"Different colours."